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Nick Gibbins of Eternity Pictures is a Central Coast based photographer specialising in portrait, event, and family photography. Whilst Nick is committed to producing the highest standards of all forms of photography, he has a particular passion for dramatic photos and highlighting natural features of the subject. This is achieved by using natural light and multiple exposures as well as spontaneity on occasion.

Additionally, Nick also enjoys producing pet photography whether this be within an indoor or outdoor setting. In utilising the services of Nick from Eternity Pictures, you can be assured of professional and high quality services to capture special moments for clients.


About My Skill Set

Over the recent years, I have acquired a useful and effective set of photography skills that help me capture the moment with perfection when it happens. There is no such thing as "the perfect photo" but is such thing as a perfect moment. This can simply be an embrace of arms, a kiss, smile, or something entirely else.

I use my camera in very much the same way a painter uses a paint brush. Every shot has been intentionally composed with a specific focus and angle. After all that's what makes a photo unique and distinct.

Light and shadows play an imperative role in the over all look and feel of a photo, whether it be black and white, or colour - bad lighting can ruin the mood of a photo. Good lighting on the other hand will bring an image to life. This is what I have endeavoured to master, the perfect moment, and the perfect lighting - the rest comes naturally.


Absolutely loved the friendly and genuine nature Nicholas provided for our engagement photoshoot - we are so excited to get the pictures back! 10/10 would recommend and will!
— Lily Allen
Nick Gibbins took photos for my recent 21st birthday evening. He began the night in an enthusiastic and professional manner and continued to the end with the same demeanour. Not only did he capture the atmosphere and events of the evening, but he helped to make it a very memorable night. Was I pleased with the photos he took, most definitely - for those who couldn’t be there on the night, his amazing photos were a lasting memory that I could send to them, and also keep for ever.
— Tiarna
Nick really knows photography! He has taken photos for our family on a number of occasions, and we have been absolutely thrilled with his professional manner and the stunning results. Nick not only understands the theory behind photography, but also the importance that photos are to special events and capturing personal milestones.

We would not hesitate to recommend Nick for his particular attention to detail, high standards, and friendly nature. His photographic services are reliable, thorough and highly professional, but most of all thoughtful and of an exceptional quality.
— The Parsons
I loved the photos Nic took of my family! He’s got a precise eye for framing and composition! He was also patient and worked at our pace, which made us feel comfortable and at ease.
— Jordan
Nicks photos are absolutely stunning! He has high standard when it comes to the quality of each photo, and he always makes sure if I’m happy with every picture!
— Chloe
Nick’s pictures have a beautiful clarity and it is so hard to pick a favourite! He also has a great eye for detail and snaps great action shots. I would recommend Eternity Pictures to anyone needing quality moments recorded with his camera.
— Alex


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Extended Biography

You may be interested to know, that during my adolescent years, I never had much interest in photography, or photos generally speaking. I thought that there was so much of an abundance of photos in the world that most people would take just 2 seconds to look at a photo and never see that same one again. At about the same time, I thought that most photography was about taking glamorous photos of Hawaiian Sunrises or Sunsets, and that didn't particularly interest me either.

It wasn't until later, when I discovered the website, 'DeviantArt' that I then realised photography covered a much boarder visual aspect than the typical landscapes of beaches and sunsets, but a whole world of rich, dark, muted and moody colours. This surely grew my fascination for the talent behind creating such captivating photos. Yet my own personal endeavour into the world of photography was put off for some years to come.

It wasn't until mid 2012 that I bought my first proper DSLR camera with the intention to upgrade at some point in the future. Of course, I did enjoy testing the waters, acquiring one new accessory at a time! But for some years, photography remained a hobby, partly due to the awareness that there were at least hundreds of already professional photographers in and around my local area.

Yet I realised sometime later, that I might just have something unique to offer people. When it comes to taking portraits or lifestyle photos, I believe in keeping a balance between art and modesty. I also believe in keeping a persons natural blemishes largely untouched, and poses; naturally made.

Have a browse through my portfolio. I hope you will be able to see that no air brushing was used on any of the subjects, no flash, no extensive digital manipulations. Instead, you will see real photos of real people. This is of course, how photos have been taken for the past century, that is, until the advent of digital photography.